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Our Products utilize Automation and A.I. to reduce the hours required to complete common Engineering tasks by up to 80%.

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Why Collective Technologies?

Collective Technologies has a vision of a future where creativity empowers engineers to a future where the options are limitless. Collective stands for the individual who wants to invest time into ground breaking challenges and not monotonous work. Learn how you can partner with our 4 ground breaking products below.

Invest in our Vision

Engineering Processes have changed very little over the last 100 years, but that will change very soon.

Many tasks are still very manual and repetitive, versus our core products streamline work and design.

Dispersed talent and niche skill sets slow down the engineering process but with a community, Collective focuses on fostering an inclusive movement.

Allowing engineers and technical professionals to focus on designing and innovation

Reduce your CAD time by up to 80%, Design don’t draft.

EngiDraw Generates Drawings in Minutes NOT Hours!

Others can build a drawing in 5-10 minutes, in that time we can build 1000+

Engineering Drawings have never been done faster using our unique approach to design tasks.

EngiDraw Drastically reduces the human errors that result from repetitive processes.

EngiDraw is faster, cheaper and easier to learn than others.

Common Drawings can be generated by sales staff without the need for technical personnel.

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Invest in our Vision

One Platform to Code them All!

Build a PLC program in 20% of the time it takes normally.

Import Legacy, to our Common IDE, edit, then Export to another format.

EngiCode is the ONLY multi-vendor PLC/DCS/RTU Program Converter and Generator on the Market

Convert Legacy programs in minutes into a common language editor

Compile and export programs to almost any current controller format

EngiCode builds 100s/1000s of drawings in mass, not 1 at a time!

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Creating an Eco-System of products, all part of our EngiVerse.

EngiSpace is the Google of Engineering!

We Centralize all Engineering Training & Knowledge, in one space for all Technical Platforms.

Technical Learning Paths, Courses & Certifications, for all vendors.

Engineering Tools/Products Marketplace

Knowledge base & Forums

Education in multiple Worldwide Languages

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What Collective Stands For

Reallocating Labour

Valuing the technical professionals time by shifting creative work to the engineer.

Empowering the Engineer

It starts with allowing the computer to reduce human error while humans do what they are best at which is creating.

Community & Education

Building a community focused on challenging and growing together.

Reducing Monotonous Work

Reducing billable hours doesn't mean less profit but more competitive quotes and resource allocation to new growth opportunities.

Investing in the Future

Fostering creativity starts with a tool that allows you to do that, same as the computer did to many industries, so will the Collective tools usher in new possibilities in engineering.

Building Unique Solutions

Niche is Collective's favourite word by building tools that empower the individual the status quo.

What People Are Saying

EngiDraw is an amazing program and tool for our electrical engineering team. Its speed of adoption and flexibility has allowed us to save $100K+ on our large Engineering drawing packages. We highly recommend EngiDraw.

Wilf HinzCEO Hinz Engineering

I have used EngiDraw on numerous project now and it has saved me literally 100s of hours. I love the drawing change propagation, it saves me so much time when I need to do something as simple as a As Built Revision and release.

Jessie LuEngineer Hatch Engineering

BIAS has allowed us an efficient and reliable way to monitor and Alarm our remote Pumpjacks. Its alarming and notification features are very easy to use and configure. Especially the Alarm call-outs with escalation, which ensure our service technicians always keep the sites productive.

Gonzalo RodríguezPemex, Poza Rica

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